Angelo Guarino

Angelo Guarino was converted in 1984. Having left the world of drugs, he immediately devoted himself to drug rehabilitation for others.After a few months of ministry, he joined the mission ‘Christ is the Answer’, where he stayed for 4 years.While serving with the mission, he met Rosella who later became his wife. After leaving the group Christ is the Answer, he moved with Rosella to Rome for a few months, and was devoted to mission work, collaborating with some of the churches of Rome. Subsequently, he began an intense work in his city of birth, Taranto. In 1988 the ministry further intensified towards the recovery of drug users, many of whom were already suffering from the AIDS virus. This provoked a strong burden in Angelo Guarino’s heart as well as in the heart of other brothers of his city, who began to preach the gospel in places frequented by drug addicts. In addition, a ministry of assistance was undertaken to support the civil hospital, where doctors granted them the opportunity to bring relief, material and spiritual, to many of these young people dying because of the advanced and terminal state of their disease.Thanks to God, many of them accepted the Lord Jesus, were saved and went to heaven.The burden for souls in need became more pressing on the heart of Angelo, prompting him to pray that God would give him the opportunity to open a center for the recovery of others.The Lord answered his request by giving him a facility to accommodate the disadvantaged. Angelo Guarino, founder of Bethesda mission, underwent a liver transplant on September 4, 2010. His operation lasted 18 hours and he spent 17 days in intensive care. After overcoming everything, he started to travel everywhere preaching the Word and the powerful testimony of God’s work in his life.

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