Infinity was founded in Malta and it could be located nowhere else.

We sincerely love Malta at Infinity and we are proud to work on this island and be part of this wonderful community.


This is my book about Malta. It is both a diary and a tribute to this wonderful island.

I was born and raised in Sicily and never thought about leaving my country – though a lot of people always said I was crazy because my English potentially opened up incredible opportunities abroad.

Who would have ever said that I would fall in love with another land just like mine! Well, it happened. 

It has become the place where I want to run my business and live.

I hope you enjoy the book and decide to make Malta the place of your next vacation. You won’t regret it. 

Melliha is in the north of Malta.

When I first came to Malta, I lived in Ghzira. It is a lovely area on the sea, very close to Sliema. I used to wake up early to enjoy this view and take these nice pictures of the dawn.


Paola is another town in Malta. It has a very nice central square and shops all around.

My wife bought this umbrella. The rain makes it colored in pink and blue. When it’s dry the pics are simply white. 


I had to take a picture of this bar, on the way to Msida.

The book read by me.