Andrew Provazek

Andrew Provazek is a man of God, anointed, able to teach and preach the Word with power. He is my pastor in Sicily and I thank God for him and his wife and all the blessings that have flown through them because of their faithfulness to God’s call. I am honored to present here his first two books published by Infinity – Giuseppe Guarino

For 18 years Andrew pastored Harvest Time Church of God in Crosby, Texas, which he founded with his wife Rhonda in 1993. He has served his denomination on State Youth on Education Board, Evangelism and Home Missions Board, Chairman of State World Mission Board, and Texas State Council. Andrew holds a master’s degree in Psychology and is a Certified Christian  Counselor. In 2010 he obeyed God’s call and moved to Italy. He is now the  Pastor of New Hope Christian Center, Freedom Outreach-Ministry to the Military, Sigonella, Sicily. 


LEAD A Politically Incorrect Challenge to Men by Andrew Provazek.

A new generation that has been raised without faithful fathers, or examples of godly men are now in crisis over their identity and purpose. They have no voice in their lives identifying them as men, nor an example of what manhood looks like. They simply don’t know HOW to lead. They are the most vulnerable to the voices that are telling them that they should not. It is time for a change. It is time for a loud and clear collective voice to speak out and push back. It is time for godly men to learn biblical principles of manhood, use them as a compass to lead.




FULLY EQUIPPED  A Christian Growth and Advancement Manual by Andrew G Provazek

This manual will expose you to core Biblical teachings that will help you to mature as a Disciple of Christ.Sound truth will be presented to you in such a way that you can make clear and informed choices towards becoming a solid and productive Child of God. You will be given a format that will enable you to search the scriptures, practice your faith, and take proactive actions that will help your new “head knowledge” to become “heart knowledge” which in turn becomes “lifestyle”“Fully Equipped” has been written with in mind both individual and study groups.