Antonio Calisi


Antonio Calisi was born in Bari, Italy. He holds degrees in Theology, and History and Religion at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. He teaches in high school, while working also as a journalist. Recently, he has been ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church of Byzantine rite.

Among his many interests, iconography and music. He has written several books in Italian. This is the English translation of his most popular work.

Paul, Apostle of Christ is a book that will prove useful for every student of the Bible and every Christian who wants to know and understand more about the Apostle that has influenced the doctrine of the Church like no one, before or after. When I first read and published this work in Italian, I was so surprised. Never had I read a book which gave so many details with no rhetorical speech: all facts, no ideas, just plain facts. Everything I had to know about Paul was there. Information which I had collected randomly, here and there, was now in order, collected with the necessary biblical reference in support. I told Antonio we needed to translate this book in English, to reach a wider public. He said, yes. I did the translation. Not an easy task, but I did with great excitement. Here it is now. We at Infinity are proud to present to you Antonio Calisi’s Paul, Apostle of Christ. May it be a blessing for English speaking Christians everywhere in the world. Giuseppe Guarino. Translator and publisher.

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