Fort Morgan Ministries

Jeff Sutherland is in charge of this ministry in the USA. He is also an author.

He has published two books with Infinity. is his Ministry’s Official Website.

A WEED FREE LIFE by Jeff Sutherland
Thinking Through the Landscape Process.

Jeff has taken the knowledge of his secular career as a landscaper and skillfully crafted a volume with which the average citizen can identify to teach multiple lessons on growing a successful Christian landscape (life). It is an easy read with a big payload.

Howard A. Eyrich, MA, MTh, DMin. Fellow and Member of the Academy ACBC Director: Biblical Counseling DMin Program. Birmingham Theological Seminary.

“Jeff Sutherland has uniquely intertwined his talent for landscaping with his deep-rooted passion for Jesus Christ in this brand-new offering: A Weed Free Life – Thinking through the landscape process. The reader will not only benefit from Jeff’s extensive 40-year knowledge of horticulture but will have the opportunity to dig deeper into God’s Word in the process. I highly recommend this “How To” guide of life-changing principles for those individuals wanting a variety of fruit to blossom abundantly in their lives.”

Laurie Fewless former Director of Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Jeff this book is awesome! I love the way you put thought and experience and applicable, daily reference to God’s Word in every chapter. Showing that God’s Word applies to every detail in our lives! Great read for the gardener in all of us !

Mike Bowman, pastor at Lagoon Baptist Gulf Shores, Alabama

Jeff does an amazing job in his book, “The Weed Free Life.” He takes his profession of landscaping and shows that to do a great job you need planning, effort, and time. He uses this analogy with the spiritual life. Our spiritual life is like a yard, it also takes planning, effort, and time. In one of the chapters, Jeff talks about how he was told to stay in his client’s yard all day long. He was to walk the yard and observe where the shadows were and to notice where the sun shined. Only by being in the yard all day and observing it in detail, could he tell what kind of plants go where. If a plant that needed a lot of sunshine was planted in a place that got very little light, it would not flourish. In the same way, we need to know ourselves and those to whom we are ministering. Again, this takes planning, effort, and time. To have a weed free life, I would recommend reading and applying Jeff’s book to our lives. We might even pick up some landscaping principles too.

Don Malin, former Mississippi Director of Military Chaplains, Presbyterian Church in America pastor

One thing we know for sure about weeds is that they require constant attention to keep them at bay. There is no “one and done”

Steve Black- owner, Green Procedures Landscape, Pensacola, FL

Jeff has always been able to take the practical things around us and reveal the profound truths in God’s Word to give us guidance and wisdom in life. In his latest book “A Weed Free Life” Jeff shares his wisdom from years of landscaping at the same time gives us sound biblical principles from the Word of God to help in the struggles of life.

Neal Bruce Pastor, The Church at Grants Mill Irondale, Alabama

Within this book, my friend Jeff, has taken both his experiential knowledge combined with God given gifts and wisdom to impart truth. One may, within the word pictures, visualize the beauty of the Triune God’s creation, while at the same time experience the flow of confronting and treating life’s adversities.  Creative, culminating and centered in God’s Word. Jeff, you did good!

John Ballard Pastor, Shell Banks Baptist Church Gulf Shores, Alabama

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PET SEMINARY by Jeff Sutherland
Stories of how God used our pets to teach us about Him and His ways.

Have you ever confronted a friend struggling with a problem and got the idea that you, too, struggle with a similar problem? Consoled a friend with cancer and found you might soon be handling it yourself?
Helped a grieving widow, since you are a widow and know what she is going through?
Corrected a child, only to have the Holy Spirit correct you about something similar?
Struggled with a particular sin, only to turn around and immediately be able to help a friend with the exact same struggle?
Felt led to teach others about an issue because you had worked through it yourself?
Scolded a puppy for not minding you and knew instantly that you disobey God in the same way? This book is for you, my friend. It is not about dogs or me, but about you and your relationship with God. He wants to teach you, mold you, train you. He will use your children, your pets, your family, your friends, your problems, your sin, your sickness, your situations every day to learn and grow. All you have to do is listen.

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