Lara Bezzina

Lara Bezzina was born in Malta. She fell in love with books at a very young age and dreamed of writing her own book one day. When she grew up, Lara travelled a lot before coming back to Malta where she now lives. She is married and has a little son. She is author of two books now in the series: The Island that Was

Malta residents are advised to order the books from the Author herself, through WhatApp +356 79888331, e-mail:, or the series Facebook page


THE LITTLE ISLAND that found its way

by Lara Bezzina illustrated by Digitalpaintingsbysk

On the far away island of Alsaca, an ambitious young man called Usub wants to become Chief. With the help of his two friends, Kardon and Kithe, he rises to power and starts selling off Alsaca’s treasures, while keeping the people of Alsaca happy by giving out sweets and cakes. One night, a young boy, Tame, overhears Usub and his two friends giving a priceless painting from his village church to two men in exchange for a lot of money. When Tame tells his mother, Phande, what he had seen, she is shocked but believes her son. Phande writes the story for the people of Alsaca to read…..

The Little Island that found its way is the second book in children’s book series The Little Island That Was, aimed at raising awareness on contemporary affairs, at a young age, through fictional stories.

Other Books in the Series: The Little Island that was no more

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THE LITTLE ISLAND That was no more by Lara Bezzina – Illustrated by Carmen Arrigo

“The Little Island that was No More” is an educational story aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12.

The story is about the small island of Plota, where everyone is living happily on a pretty island full of trees, until a young man, Victor, starts building big and ugly buildings everywhere to sell and become rich. Victor is supported by the King of Plota, who also profits from Victor’s greed. The island residents – whose fresh air and beautiful buildings start disappearing – are unhappy with these developments, but the King is not willing to help them. Gradually, the residents of Plota start to leave the island…

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Illustrations by Carmen Arrigo

Carmen is an Italian artist, a painter and a poet.

She worked with Lara and Infinity to add to the story her exclusive illustrations.