Mark Beckwith

Mark is an American Christian missionary. He wrote this interesting book, where he tell us his fascinating story of how God had him move to Hungary and witness there about Jesus.

The book comes in two formats. It has been self-published by the author with our technical support.

You can buy it on Amazon, worldwide. Both paperback and ebook.

“In the last twenty years I have been a landscaper, an evangelist, a concert promoter, a preacher, a teacher, a writer, a musician, a missionary and now a published author. I am also a husband and father of a beautiful wife and three lovely children. The Lord has led me down every path taken in this return to Him. He has been faithful to me in each step; and for the last ten years to my family. He has brought people into our lives to support us prayerfully, financially and with the work at hand…I truly believe this book is in His will for our family to continue the work and provide for our future and hope.”