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In this page we will communicate with our readers and authors. If you want to be added to our mailing list, please write us an e-mail. Anyway the news will be published regularly on our Facebook page. 

August 9, 2019

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July was a very special month. We are still in Sicily and have organized a wonderful book signing with Andrea Magrì. His book “Il Terzo Elemento” is a success. We are proud to have him aboard. It is in Italian, of course, but… an English translation is on its way!!!

This month we released the Ultimate Fantasy book by Marco Maugeri, “Il Mondo Nascosto.”


We are sure the Italian public will fall in love with this fine writer and his “storia per Martina”.

In September we will move our attention to Malta. We will be on the island looking for new writers in Maltese and in English. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a manuscript. mobile / whatsapp (+356)99532366 or e-mail ( the chapters title, a synopsis of the book and your bio. We will get in touch with you and ask for the book if interested in it.


We did not expect such a warm welcome by our readers for the reprint of Lewis Carroll’s books, but we sure are happy it happened. Get a copy of the book yourself. It’s available on Amazon, buy it clicking on the cover!

For those interested in religion and philosophy we published a masterpiece written by Philo at the dawn of the Christian era: his treatise on Creation. It is a bilingual edition: original Greek and English translation.


We also published a reprint of a very important book for New Testament researchers: a photostatic reprint of an original 1860 Greek Text!


We also printed a nice edition of the Gospel of John in the original language along with the English translation. We hope this can be a precious tool for New Testament Greek fans.


That’s all folks… Well, there is a lot going on and you will see in the Fall. Till then,


June 18, 2019

We are almost into the Summer. Activities here won’t stop. 

These are some new releases:


Many more are on their way. We love classics here!

We also have some fundamental sci-fi masterpieces reprinted

In The Time Machine cover you will find the image on the original edition front cover.

Also, we have some academic works made available.


Many more are on their way. 

So, stay tuned and check our website regularly.



May 5, 2019

You must begin somewhere. So, here we are.

It’s spring. The weather is nice here in Malta and we are ready to enjoy the beauty of this island. 

Well, of course  our main concern is publishing books. So, we’d better talk about this. 

This month we will release a book written by a fine American writer, S. M. Senden. We have great expectations about this book. The author has already published several books in the US and we find it a real privilege that she chose us to publish in Malta and Europe. We will be giving more details soon. Stay tuned.

Look at our books section for the newest reprints available. Also, we start here something unheard of: REPRINT on DEMAND. If you have a classic, a book you want to see reprinted, tell us, we will reprint it for you. 

Writing this short bulletin, I can’t help but think of one of the greatest writers in history, Stan Lee, who recently passed away. So, I decided to close this by simply saying…