Rachael Hollwey’s At War With My Mind

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AT WAR WITH MY MIND by Rachael Hollwey

Having kept diaries throughout my enduring battle with Anorexia Nervosa and depression, this is the greatest insight into mental health illness. It captures what the voice was telling me inside my mind, what it is like to live in a psychiatric hospital for a year at a time, to be a subject in a scientific study, and how I kept fighting my way out of the darkest places to finally reach a full recovery. I also share the eye-opening experience of volunteering in Ghana. At a time of wellness, but knowing the demons would soon come back for me, I wanted to do something good with my life and be of help to others for a change. I survived against the odds, but I lost many on the way. So now I use the gift of being alive to raise awareness, to educate, to stop anyone suffering the way I did and to give hope to those who are.

Rachael is active in many ways in Malta. Stay tuned for events to take place both in UK and Malta.


Rachael is available for interviews with TV and Radio Stations worldwide.



I met Rachael, a nice, good-looking, kind, British girl residing in Malta, in January 2020. I said: “I am a publisher”. She said: “I have a story to tell.” A few days later we sat at the Birkirkara Costa Cafè and she told me her story. We agreed it was necessary to work together to write and publish a book, to inspire others going through the hell of eating disorders and mental health, looking straight into the eyes of death when contemplating suicide and give hope to them. This has become our commong goal and has helped us to devolop a sincere friendship and mutual support relationship. We at Infinity are so proud to finally present this book to the public! We hope and pray this book will raise awareness and will literally save lives! – Giuseppe Guarino